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Environment Statement

Environtment Statement

Our commitment to build a better world.
The main idea is, by creating high-quality and timeless designs, we keep our commitment to the movement against disposable furniture and headed for a better world.

We in Scadeconsepts™ realizes the need to protect our environment, both on a local and global level. We feel it is vital to continually improve our manufacturing and business practices to ensure a healthy world for our employees, customers and future generations. David Francis is a pioneer in using sustainable materials such as bamboo, rattan, abaca and lampacanay. Additionally, we use only plantation-grown hardwoods, meaning no wood species are utilized from endangered rainforests. In the finishing of our furniture, we use products that contain low VOCs. Our cushions contain plant-based renewable raw materials, replacing significant amounts of petroleum-based materials. Our cushion backs are manufactured using recycled materials. Both also contain organic, halogen-free fire retardants. Our use of recyclable shipping materials and recycled pallets are other ways we conserve resources. We are committed to continual research and education on how we can be good environmental stewards.

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